Artist Statement

I believe there is a strong tie between our humanity and its' relationship to nature.

I focus my work on how all things connect.

I represent my thoughts and experiences through symbols which surface consistently throughout my work.

My driving purpose is to communicate my perspective of how all things relate and are, in some way, dependent on each other.

Many themes run throughout my work including, the cycles of life, the cycles of nature, metamorphosis, feminine power and perspective, and the spiritual essence of being human.

I have chosen to communicate my beliefs and experiences through the subtle, but powerful, tool of visual imagery.

Each piece is a part of the evolutionary journey of my artistic voice.


Kristin Kane


My theory about inspiration:

"I not only think, but know that my art is valuable to society in more ways than are immediately seen.

I believe that human beings are driven to action by inspiration, an inspiration that we are sometimes not even aware of consciously. Instead, the wonderful enlightenment seeps into our subconscious being, penetrating our soul, forming our actions and therefore our daily persona.

I believe that my art is that inspiration, just like music, dancing and the sunlight that streams through the window at 8:00 on a Sunday morning, lifting everything it touches.

These beliefs do not come from ego or greed, but rather an innate understanding that the messages, which come to me as gifts, must be received, interpreted and delivered back for all to experience.

The act of creation is such a magnificent transparence, which can sweep around a room and stir the furthest places of the darkest hearts, but it is not easily articulated. When I put a realization down on canvas or paper through paint, that medium becomes alive and full of a new existence, a new energy and a visual representation of inspiration, beauty, and creation.

It is my responsibility to show others this door that I have discovered. I can not make them accept it and certainly not walk through it, but I can at least, teach them about the freedom on the other side.

For to dwell in inspiration and beauty is to be reborn again and again every moment of every day, to discover that discovery is endless and that it is the act of interpreting your own personal discoveries which is the act of creation.

I believe that when people see and experience my work something moves within their hearts, something opens up and is filled with a longing to reach for their own inspiration, to search for their own discoveries and interpretations.

And if I am wrong about all of this, then I am still giving the gift of something interesting and uniquely exciting to look at, which still encourages the light in all of us to shine, even if just for a brief moment. "



I grew up in Colorado, near the beautiful mountains, which have obviously had influence upon my work.

I am currently living in Minnesota and am enjoying the variety of the seasons that are so wonderful here.

I have a studio in downtown St. Paul and live in an urban historical area. Each spring and fall I particiapate in the St. Paul Art Crawl and showcase my current work, while opening up my studio for the public to see where I work.

For more information on the upcoming St. Paul Art Crawl go to:


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